Text (formatted)

Typeset text with layout and formatting

In short

Printed or printable documents.

item info
formats DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF/A
extensions doc, docx, odt, pdf
related types Font, Markup, Spreadsheet, Text (plain)


Text is a broad category of data. For some, text is something that you type with Microsoft Word, for others it is what they read in a PDF, and for yet others it is the program code they hack in a text editor.

For the purposes of archiving we divide the text data type in Text (formatted) and Text (plain).

Formatted text consists of text strings with layout information. A formatted text does not only display the bare text material, but it formats the texts by arranging it in pages and columns, by applying fonts in different colors, sizes, weights and shapes, and combining it with various graphical objects such as images.

Formatted text can get very complex.