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These API specs are currently outdated.

All API calls are structured like this:

Below there is a partial specification of the verbs and their parameters.


Data access is controlled.

You only get the data you have rights to access.

If you fetch records, it depends on your access level which records and which fields are being returned.

The contribution tool itself uses this API to feed itself with data.

Source code

In those cases where this documentation fails to give the information you need you might want to look into the source code:


list?table=table name&complete=false or true


Get the records of the table with name table name.


If complete=false, fetch only the titles of each record. Otherwise, fetch all fields that you are entitled to read.

The result is a json object, containing sub objects for the specification of the data model of this table.

The actual records are under entities, keyed by their MongoDB _id.

Per entity, the fields can be found under the key values.

view a table


view?table=table name&id=mongoId


Get an individual item from the table with name table name, and identifier mongoId, having all fields you are entitled to read.

view an item