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Technical references

This is an alphabetical list of tech references. Sometimes we refer to a technology without making use of it in the app, we have marked those entries with an ✗.


Web design
  • webApi interacting with the loaded document in a browser
  • css cascading stylesheets:
  • flexbox laying out boxes in flexible ways
  • hsl color space
  • html markup language for the web
  • markdown rich text from plain text
  • yaml configuration language, as simple as markdown.
Client side
  • javascript scripting language for the web
  • eslint checks ES6 code against style requirements
  • prettier code formatter for javascript
Server side
  • python data-oriented scripting language
  • flask micro web framework
  • gunicorn task runner, acting as webserver behind a proxy
  • wsgi bridge between the python language and webservers
  • mongodb NO-SQL database, JSON/Javascript based
  • pytest test framework for python, well-suited to Flask
  • coverage making sure that the tests cover the whole code base
  • mkdocs Static page generator in Python
  • pdoc3 API-doc generator from Python docstrings
  • cloc counting lines of code

???+ abstract "Linters and formatters * flake8 code linter for Python * black code formatter for Python