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  • Selected/rejected contributions can be unselected/unrejected within a longer time frame: 4 days by the national coordinator, 100 days by office users.
  • The user table is organized by roles. You can easily see what role each user has. Also, whereever users are mentioned, their current role is also indicated.
  • 😎 Users can no longer modify the roles of more powerful users.
  • 😎 Users can no longer give themselves a more powerful role.


The API supports calls for tab-separated data as well. See API.


The public API is working again. See API.


  • The bulk import script assumed that the cost field was called cost. The proper name is costTotal. The script now uses the new name. Hower, it still accepts spreadsheets in which the column header reads cost and it will silently convert that to costTotal.


  • Representation of users on the interface has been fixed: there was a subtle bug: when user information is displayed on the screen, the permission level of the logged in user determines what details are disclosed. But the app looked at the permission level of the user whose details were to be displayed!
  • Bulk import has caused duplicate entries for keywords and disciplines of contributions.
  • Fix-1: the bulkimport script will not do that again.
  • Fix-2: there is a clean-dup script that can clean the database from all duplicate values.
  • The clean-dup script has been run on the production database (after making a backup).


  • Bulk import via spreadsheets has been adapted to the format of the Czech input form. Bulk import is still a manual business. Once the rules have settled we can make it available on the webinterface.
  • There is a control to regresh the server cache on the webinterface, only for sysadmins.


  • The overview page shows 4 additional groups: revewer1, reviewer2, reviewed1, reviewed2. Using them you can get overviews of where the review process is. Only visible to DARIAH office users.


  • Offline bulk imports implemented. See Bulk import.
  • A bunch of Excel files have been imported into the production database.
  • The blank Excel file for bulkimports has been updated.
  • contactPersonName is now a field that can have multiple values.
  • The tests have been modified to reflect this change
  • The production database has undergone a conversion to accomodate this change:

    ./ reshape



  • A complete redesign is nearing completion. We started a brand new repo, but the old work and its history is still available