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Dans Labs

The Research and Innovation department of DANS is focused on supporting and innovating the DANS services. Our objective throughout all our activities is to make digital information available in a sustainable form during the different phases of the research cycle.

We collaborate on several research projects with other parties and deliver the outcomes usually as labs.

The labs

When we engage in research, there are often results in the form of a proof-of-concept, a pilot, a demonstrator, or something else that is expressed in software.

The quality and quantity of the individual labs vary wildly, which of course has to do with the amount of resources that has been spent on them, and on whether the lab became the basis for further work.

This place is where we collect all those labs. Click on the name to see a short description of a lab. Every lab is a github repository. Go to the lab itself by clicking on its icon in order to find the maximum information available.


If you need more information, contact one of us!

The contact person for the department of Research and Innovation is Andrea Scharnhorst.

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